Kariné Poghosyan on Patreon

On her Patreon, Kariné is creating Music videos, Q&A, Downloadable Program notes, Concert updates and more for her Patreon Family. Daily videos that bring you behind the scenes and into the world of this remarkable concert pianist!

The biggest live event is the Concert Series on the last-Sundays, for the $25/month or up "Concert Patron" tier members, which consist of a full hour-long recital that comes with a 4-page beautifully designed and personally signed program, mailed to each member!

The upper two tiers, Poghosyan Studio & Poghosyan Academy, in addition to all the benefits above, will gain the members the opportunity for a one-on-one meeting/coaching session with the artist herself - 30min for $50/month members, and 1 hour or two 30min sessions for the $100/month members. These benefits may also be transferred/"gifted" to a close family/friend.