How to Support Kariné's Work

"I know of no other artist that works harder, or gives as much as Kariné. Not just in her performances, which are extraordinary, but to her fans through her daily update via her Patreon, and her Friday night mini concerts from her home in New York. I'm proud to support her work, because I know what she pours into it - heart and soul!"
- David Fuller, Musician, Melbourne, Australia

You can help Kariné continue her work in a number of ways, though following her social media and sending love and encouragement, or more directly through financial support. Think of it as a payment for services rendered. Remember all those mini concerts since March 2020 might be free, but Kariné still has to pay her bills; and that's hard when all your concerts have been cancelled due to Covid. So, here's a few ways you can support her work:

  • One off payment via Paypal
  • Become a Patreon member and get daily doses of Kariné's work and behind the scenes info
  • Follow her social media and remember to send her love and encouragment 🙂
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